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Unveiling the Oxygen and Nitric Oxide Exercise Monitor: A Conversation with Dr. Jonathan Stamler

Posted on August 18, 2023

In a recent episode of the Science@UH Podcast, Dr. Daniel Simon, President of Academic & External Affairs and Chief Scientific Officer at University Hospitals, engaged in an insightful discussion with Dr. Jonathan Stamler, President and Founder of Harrington Discovery Institute. The conversation revolved around the paradigm-shifting discovery of protein S-nitrosylation, its implications for health and disease, and the strategic process of translating scientific insights into practical solutions.


A Trailblazing Journey into Protein S-nitrosylation

Dr. Stamler's exploration into protein S-nitrosylation originated during his medical school days, driven by his fascination with redox phenomena and oxidative stress. This journey led to the revelation that nitric oxide, a free radical, could bind to diverse proteins, thereby affecting their functions through S-nitrosylation. This paradigm shift challenged conventional notions of nitric oxide's role, positioning it as an intricate regulator with extensive physiological effects.

Hemoglobin's Unconventional Role

A key highlight of Dr. Stamler's research was the realization that hemoglobin, renowned for its role in oxygen and carbon dioxide transport, also carried nitric oxide. This unexpected finding expanded the understanding of hemoglobin's function, revealing its involvement in blood flow regulation—a crucial aspect of exercise physiology. Dr. Stamler's work underscored the complexity of physiological systems, prompting a reevaluation of traditional medical teachings.

From Discovery to Practical Application

Dr. Stamler's innovative mindset extended beyond discovery into practical applications. Collaborating with Harrington Discovery Institute at University Hospitals, he conceptualized the Oxygen and Nitric Oxide Exercise Monitor—a device that measures oxygen levels and nitric oxide release during exercise. This technology offers real-time insights into exercise efficacy, with potential applications in brain health, cardiovascular fitness, and athletic performance.

Harrington Discovery Institute: A Catalyst for Impactful Innovation

Harrington Discovery Institute emerged as a thought leader and catalyst for converting discoveries into tangible solutions. Through strategic funding of scholars and the establishment of companies, Harrington facilitates the translation of breakthroughs into impactful drugs. This model, blending non-profit and for-profit strategies, ensures that promising discoveries do not remain confined to laboratories, but progress towards real-world applications.

Translating Insights into Clinical Trials

Harrington Discovery Institute's success stories include 19 drugs in clinical trials, a testament to their effective drug development approach. This model involves rigorous evaluation, strategic investment, and fostering collaboration across institutions. The partnership with University Hospitals amplifies the potential to revolutionize medicine by combining cutting-edge research with clinical expertise.

A Bridge between Discovery and Impact

The journey from scientific curiosity to practical innovation is ongoing. Harrington Discovery Institute's commitment to bridging the gap between discovery and impact shines through, especially when aligned with University Hospitals' dedication to patient care. Dr. Stamler's journey serves as a prime example of the power of collaboration and intellect in shaping a healthier future.

Conclusion: A Continued Path of Discovery

The conversation with Dr. Stamler highlighted the transformative potential of scientific insights when coupled with a commitment to real-world impact. As discoveries continue to unfold and collaborations expand, the Harrington Discovery Institute-University Hospitals partnership remains a beacon of hope. It exemplifies the ability to revolutionize medicine and bring innovative solutions to the forefront of patient care.

Listen to the full Science@UH Podcast from University Hospitals Research & Education department here.

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