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Oxford-Harrington Rare Disease Scholar Award

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Informational Webinar: Harrington UK Rare Disease Grant


Date + Time

  • July 08, 2022

    2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

The one-hour webinar will be offered twice.

Friday, 8 July at 2:00pm BST
Monday, 11 July at 4:00pm BST

Presentation and Q&A Session

  • Introduction to Harrington Discovery Institute and its UK charity, Fund for Cures UK, Ltd.
  • What is the Harrington UK Rare Disease Scholar Award?
  • What types of rare disease projects are best suited to this award?
  • How can the award help advance your project towards clinical trials and commercial success?
  • Best practices for submitting a proposal.

Reminder: A brief letter of intent (LOI) for this award is due by Monday, 18 July 2022.

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