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From Lab to Clinic: Philanthropy Advancing Treatments in Alzheimer’s Disease

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  • November 09, 2023

    12:00 pm - 12:45 pm

  • EST

Scientists worldwide are working with Harrington Discovery Institute on diverse therapeutic approaches to treat Alzheimer's disease. As patients and their families look to be part of the solution through their charitable donations, philanthropy in particular has played a large role in advancing medical discoveries.

The Morgan Stanley GIFT Cures program provides opportunities for new and veteran philanthropists to combine their resources to magnify the impact of their medically related giving, whether they wish to focus on a specific disease or across a broader spectrum. It is an opportunity for philanthropists, foundations, family offices, and companies interested in learning collaboratively from drug development experts and providing catalytic support to bring cures and treatments to market.

Learn of scientific breakthroughs that Harrington is advancing on the path towards approved treatments for Alzheimer's disease at a rapid pace. With all of these drug development efforts, the goal is the same: To translate scientific discovery into real-world therapies. In months and years, not decades. Join our efforts to create cures.

Hear from speakers including:

  • Kim Henderson, MD: Head of Wealth Management Health and Wellness Education, Morgan Stanley
  • Melanie Schnoll Begun: President, Morgan Stanley GIFT
  • Jonathan S. Stamler, MD: President and Co-Founder, Harrington Discovery Institute
  • Donald Weaver, MD, PhD, FRCP (C): University Health Network, 2020 Harrington Scholar-Innovator

From Lab to Clinic: Philanthropy Advancing Treatments in Alzheimer’s Disease