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William Wulftange

William Wulftange

Case Western Reserve University

Disease Area



A Novel Human Tissue-on-a-Chip Approach for Predicting the Safety of CAR-T Cell Therapies

Scholar Profile

2022 Harrington-MSTP Scholar

Full profile coming soon.

Revolutionizing CAR T-Cell Therapy: Making It Safe

Dive into the world of revolutionary cancer treatment with William Wulftange, a 2022 Harrington-MSTP Scholar from Case Western Reserve University. CAR T-cell therapy is changing the game in the fight against leukemia, with some patients achieving total cancer-free status for a decade. However, these therapies come with severe side effects that can be life-threatening. He's designing cutting-edge assays to test the biomechanical properties of CAR T-cells. By doing so, he aims to determine whether a specific therapy is both safe and effective for the patient receiving it.

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