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Harrington Discovery Institute pioneered a new model for drug development, which is reflected in its entrepreneurial culture. Team members have diverse professional backgrounds and bring deep industry, science, business development, tech transfer and venture funding experience to their roles at Harrington. The many milestones reached to date have been made possible by a dedicated team of professionals who work closely together to achieve a common mission. The opportunity to make a positive impact on the health and well-being of society is a driving force behind the success of the Harrington team. 

Open Positions 

Project Manager

The Project Manager serves as a key member of the Therapeutics Development Center (TDC) within Harrington Discovery Institute, supporting the development and implementation of drug discovery project plans for Harrington Scholars, and helping the scholar project teams achieve their objectives...MORE 

From Our Team Members

Harrington Discovery Institute is everything I anticipated it to be and more. When I interviewed, I understood it was a complex, innovative, and powerful model for creating medicines where unmet need is greatest. I’ve quickly gained a deeper appreciation for the challenges of getting medicines into patients and Harrington’s bold approach to this multifaceted problem.

Katie Boland
Brand Manager

At Harrington, I am part of a team that is passionate about transforming the way new medicines are developed and brought to patients. I’m confident that one day down the road, I’ll be able to look back and see what a tangible difference our organization made in the lives of so many around the world.

Diana Dawson
Contracts and Grants Associate

I am proud to work for Harrington Discovery Institute. I remember eight years ago when I worked in another division at University Hospitals, this institute was just a concept. To see it come to fruition and fund labs and researchers worldwide has been amazing to me. While I am in no way clinical or scientific, I still feel good about my administrative support role because I am able to facilitate very important communications between Harrington and partners with the goal of finding cures and treatments for some devastating diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Joyce Puryear
Executive Secretary

At Harrington Discovery Institute, I get to be a part of discoveries in the making that could one day help patients in need.

Michael Hallen, MS
Senior Project Manager

Working at Harrington Discovery Institute offers a unique opportunity to contribute to the creation of next-generation medicines, as well as work with some of the world’s brightest research scientists and drug development experts.

Larissa Czupik, MBA
Business Associate